About Us

OleOletOy is a burgeoning company that was established back in July 2018.
This progressing enterprise began from a humble but hopeful family living a normal life. Her two beautiful kids inspired the founder, their pertinacious mother, Catherine Liu, to do all the best she can to make sure they grow up in a healthy, happy, and mind-nourishing home and environment.
Being a mother who has a high regard for education, she knows how important early learning is to enhance her kid’s potential and prepare them for their future. And being a considerate and thoughtful mother that she is, she believes it’s also important to sometimes just let her kids be kids, play games, laugh and enjoy playing. Fueled with a great passion to balance both fun and learning for overall development, she then decided to venture into an endeavor of creating exciting and premium educational products for kids and for even for kids at heart.
As Catherine aptly puts it, “OleOletOy is my way of sharing all the wonderful experiences I’ve had with products I personally love.” Having an inspiration so close to her heart and equipped with the knowledge where to find the best quality products, she made the valiant effort to open the company and start selling innovative products to the world.
From then on, OleOletOy continues to deliver quality, well-thought-of and safe products. The company never ceases to find opportunities for growth and improvement in the hopes of becoming a leading brand in the world when it comes to children’s toy, arts & craft products. Its expansion is driven and guided by the company’s mission right from the start. Its proven quality, excellent service, and unwavering commitment to clients proves the company has been realizing its clear vision into a determined action.
At OleOletOy, everybody is a child. You can trust OleOletOy is committed to its promise of continuously giving the very best the company can offer and create the best childhood memory for each child.