Our 5 Best Outdoor Bubble Machine Toys for Kids in 2021

Our 5 Best Outdoor Bubble Machine Toys for Kids in 2021

Yes, the 2021 spring-summer season is here and it's the time again to bask under the sun, go out swimming, and just be active outdoors! However this year marks another year of being advised to just stay at home for everyone's health and safety but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the outside environment, especially since we all know that proper sun exposure can give us a lot of free health benefits.

Your kids may not be allowed to go out yet but there are ways to let them enjoy this season and not miss out on all the fun! One of which is providing them enjoyable outdoor toys they can play with within the perimeter of your home and backyard. There are a lot of outdoor games and toddler toys that would make them move and be active at the same time make them learn new stuff.

While most kids look forward to this spring break or summer vacation to travel far, explore different places, spend more time outside and play with friends and relatives, some just want to make a fun and magical atmosphere by creating millions of bubbles! There's always something special with creating, seeing, and popping bubbles which brings out the child in all of us. Good thing there are amazing automatic or manual bubble maker toys that easily create those iridescent bubbles! 

Here, we have a list of our 5 best bubble toys for kids ages 3 and above. You can take a look and see if these summer toys for toddlers are just what you need to level up your individual or group outdoor activities. All these amazing outside toys for girls and boys have a great potential of developing your kids physically and mentally, while of course, giving them the best bubble-making experience this summer!

1. Giant Bubble Wand Set - Who doesn't love bubbles? Even if we don't admit it, almost all of us at some point in our childhood life, even adult life, have tried running after bubbles! Especially when the sun is high and you can see that crystal clear, glimmering bubbles magically appear and then vanish in an instant. Playing with bubble toys has been and always will be a top outdoor activity for kids and adults. Bigger bubbles? This big bubble maker toy won't disappoint you.

 2. A set of 2 Bubble Guns with 2 Bubble Solution - For a value price, you can get 2 pieces of fun bubble guns for your kid and another playmate and that could be you! Fondest memories of summer and vacation always involve bonding with loved ones so give your kids that priceless memory using these easy-to-use bubble guns for kids. They come in a colorful complete set with bubble solution for each bubble maker and need batteries to operate.

3. Windmill Bubble Maker Kit - Yes! We have a lot of options for creating those glistening bubbles. After all, they can be used not just for running around in your backyard, or while swimming at the pool and beach, or while bathing in the bathtub, but also for creating a magical atmosphere for your outdoor events and celebrations like weddings and birthdays! Your photos will definitely be more awesome and endearing with those bubbles in the background. 

 4. Dinosaur Bubble Gun - All dinosaur-loving kids will absolutely adore this cute dinosaur-designed bubble blasting toy! This 2-in-1 dino toy comes with 2 extra bubbles liquid solution so your playing time will be thrice as opposed to just having one bubble refill bottle. They need AA batteries to operate but also are very easy to use and kid-friendly.

 5. 4-Pack Bubble Guns for Kids and Toddlers - Don't have batteries? No problem! This outdoor set of bubble shooters don't need them. Simply pull the trigger, wait for the bubble solution to load, and see those rainbow-colored bubbles come out! What's great about this pack is that it has 4 transparent bubble blowers you can share with friends and family. It also comes with a concentrated bubble liquid you can mix with water to create more bubbles and have more fun!


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